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HausofDenning Blog

Welcome to the HausofDenning blog! 


The Starting Line Up

Michael Denning

By Michael 

Team Denning picked up a couple new free agents this last season that should really help both on offense and defense. Let's take a look at the squad:

Coming into his 28th year as a Denning, Michael has helped lead his team in the past to such arbitrary championships as the 2006 Hide and Seek Open, 2009 Flip Cup World Cup, and who could forget that heart-stopping match during the 2011 finals at Rock-Paper-Scissors-Mania (in which he lost).


Who did he lose to you ask? Why the same person he always loses to, Courtney "The Rock or Scissors or Paper" Denning. With winning the draft-lottery on this pick, the team has really stepped up their offensive arsenal. Coming in with sharp wit, extensive lyrical knowledge, and a body that just won't quit - this Denning will dunk a touchdown on you while she rounds the bases. 


If defense wins championships, this team is gonna need more fingers for all the rings!  This next free agent came as a pair with "The Rock or Scissors or Paper." Coming in at 22lbs with a barking decibel level of 91, Finn combines both adorable head tilts with incessant barking that is sure to leave opposing offenses uselessly smiling saying "Awww." 



Well there you have it. Team Denning. This trio has all the right tools necessary to bring home the gold-cup-trophy-plaque-medal-ring this next season and with any luck, the beginning of a dynasty.